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Travel Medical Insurance protects you in the event of an illness or injury when traveling outside of your country of residence. It provides critical medical benefits in case of an emergency.

Traveling abroad is an exciting experience, but unpredictable illnesses and accidents can happen. Even worse, the resulting medical bills can be overwhelming. The level of international medical coverage provided by your domestic insurance provider can vary greatly depending on your plan, so that you may have minimal coverage or no coverage at all. A travel medical insurance plan can provide the coverage you need.

Choosing the Best Travel Medical Insurance Plan

Travel medical insurance may appear overwhelming, but its purpose is simple: travel medical insurance provides coverage for unexpected accidents or illnesses when traveling outside your home country.

What is the best travel medical insurance plan? What exactly is travel medical insurance? Is it required for my international trip? What should I look for in a travel medical insurance plan to make sure I'm covered?

These are just a few of the questions travelers have been asking themselves as they plan their first vacation, family visit, or study abroad semester since the coronavirus pandemic began. Travel medical insurance may appear overwhelming, but its purpose is simple: travel medical insurance provides coverage for unexpected accidents or illnesses when traveling outside your home country.

  • Many domestic health insurance plans don't provide coverage beyond the borders of your home country. Getting bit by a dog or falling and breaking your leg while traveling internationally could leave you paying thousands of dollars for proper medical care.
  • Before the coronavirus pandemic, most countries didn't require travel medical insurance for entry. Many countries are still requiring proof of travel medical insurance (some even need COVID-19 coverage) to enter
  • Choosing the "best" travel medical insurance plan often depends on your reason for traveling as there are many plans and benefit options available. IMG has been a leader in the travel medical insurance industry since 1990 and offers several different programs to fit every traveler's needs. Let's look at some of the most common travel scenarios and the best travel medical insurance plans for each.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Travel Insurance Plans 

What are these benefits, and how can we easily compare travel insurance plans? Missed flight, lost luggage, and other unexpected events can happen on a trip, and it’s always good to plan.
In this section, we’ll cover the main advantages and disadvantages of travel insurance plans.

Advantages of Travel Insurance Plans 

  • Loss from travel delay: Travel delays happen and are often out of your control. Delayed flights, trains, or ferries can have flow-on effects on other parts of your trips. For example, a delayed flight can result in you missing your non-refundable train ride. Some travel insurance packages will cover you for this. 
  • Overseas medical cover: When you visit a foreign country, you may be surprised to find out that medical services are not covered under your local health insurance plans. Travel insurance allows you to receive medical treatment from a foreign hospital. Hospital services are subsidized, but these are often only applied to residents.
  • Vehicle rental protection: Hiring a vehicle is a popular option for tourists. It gives you the freedom to explore a location, makes it easier to travel, and can be cheaper than using taxis or other forms of transport. While local vehicle rental companies have their car insurance, these are often expensive or limited in what they cover. Travel insurance can fill these gaps in coverage, so you don’t have to worry. 
  • Loss of Income: If you are injured during your holiday and cannot return to work, some travel insurance plans will cover your income loss for some time.
  • Personal item loss and theft protection: Be safe on your travels by keeping an eye on your belongings, securing your luggage, and ensuring essential items are on you at all times. Tourists target thieves; however, theft protection will offer you increased peace of mind.

Disadvantages of Travel Insurance Plans 

  • The disadvantages of travel insurance mostly involve what isn't covered in a travel insurance plan. While the great travel insurance plans are already very complex and comprehensive, they simply don't cover every single part of your trip.
  • Most of examples of what isn't covered by insurance include reckless behavior and change of mind resulting in a loss.
  • Another disadvantage of travel insurance can be unanticipated costs. Travel insurance quotes are determined by several factors such as the location of the holiday, the traveler's age, and the duration of the journey. Long trips can end up being very costly to cover. 
  • If you have already consumed thousands of dollars on a journey, a few hundred dollars more toward travel insurance can be intimidating. However, travel insurance is always recommended for any trip you go on and provides crucial support in an emergency.

Travel Insurance Cover For

  • Existing Medical Conditions
  • Excess Waivers
  • Hospitalization
  • Business Travel
  • Weddings Abroad
  • Winter Sports
  • Hazardous Sports
  • Stopover Extension

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Travel is uncertain, even at the best of times. Travel insurance helps to cover you against the unexpected. If your trip is postponed unexpectedly or ends early, would you be able to quickly accept the financial loss? Or, if someone in your event required evacuation due to a health issue, could you cover that cost? Travel insurance can protect you from these concerns and many more.


Travel insurance is unique and varies determined on the details of your trip. The generous policy covers only what you need at a cost that suits your budget. You can differentiate dozens of providers on our website using our comparison tool, filtering only the particular coverage options you want. If you demand help, our licensed travel insurance agents can help you compare plans and read the fine copy for you to help explain the exclusions.


What uncertain expenses would you not be able to cover? That relies entirely on you. Are there some pre-paid, non-refundable trip costs you are unwilling to lose? Reasons that might affect an unexpected postponement? Different policies and options are available for various concerns and coverages that you may need.

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